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Once the student fills in the form and give it back to us, we will confirm the reservation. After that, we will inform the student about the payment required for medium term stays preregistration (275€ VAT included).

Unusually for the students who do not pass the exam to the University or are not allowed in any of the universities the applied for in Barcelona, this amount will be returned. In case that the resident, once the preregistration payment and the total balance is made, decides to leave voluntarily, the residence will not return the amount back to the resident. If the resident decides to leave the residence at half months, the whole month will be charged.

Payment Terms:

The payments could be made: Credit card (on line payment)

After this payment, you will be obtained a pre registration number. The confirmation of places for course 2015/16 will be following pre registration order and reservation payment
The information provided by you is protected under the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, regarding the Protection of personal data, and will be included in the automatic databases property of Sociedad Estudis d'Hoteleria i Turisme CETT, S.A., or any of the companies belonging to Grup CETT, in order to inform you and ask your opinion about our products and services. If you wish to access, change or cancel your data please send an email to
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