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1.    To apply for a place at AGORA BCN International Student’s Residence, students must complete and submit the form “Enrolment" at the web site. Once the Residence gets your form, you will be informed will be inform you about the reservation procedure.

2.    According to the length of your stay, the following pre-registration payment will be requested:  

    - Annual Course Stay  (10 months)     545€ (VAT included)
    - Medium Term Stay    (+4-9 months)  275€ (VAT included)
    - Short Term Stay       (+1-4 months)  165€ (VAT included)

3.    Once you have filled the form and settled the pre-registration payment, you will receive the acceptance of your enrolment.

4.    Finally, in order to confirm your reservation, you will be requested to fill the Registration Form and settled the Registration Payment.



1.    Delivery of Pre registration Form

2.    Payment of PREREGISTRATION

3.    Acceptation of de resident (*)

4.    REGISTRATION (required documents)

5.    Deposit payment (**): 1.200€   


(*) In case AGORA BCN hasn’t the room you had applied for in the pre-registration, the future resident may opt for another type of room or for refund of the amount paid.

(**) This amount is in order to cover damages and possible casualties. At the end of the course, and in the absence of damage attributable to the resident and having complied with the contract signed, this deposit will be returned. Only for upper 3 months stays.

NOTE: In rare for those residents who do not pass High School; Selectivitat or will not get any place in the universities of Barcelona, the amount and registration deposit will be returned (providing official documentation that justifies each of the above options).



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