How do I request a spot?

First, you should fill in and send the preregistration form that you can find on our website, depending on your desired length of stay. Once we receive the form, we will contact you in order to give you more information on the room reservation procedure.

Can I choose the type of room?

You can choose the type of room you want from the four room types (individual, large individual, double, and large double) as long as the type of room selected is available; if not, you will be offered another option or you can have the preregistration fee returned to you.

What happens if I've paid the preregistration fee and I don't pass my high school courses?

For those future residents who don't finish high school, don't pass the university entrance exam, or who don't get accepted at any universities in Barcelona (including the UAB), the preregistration fee and deposit will be returned to you. The fees will be returned once you have provided official documentation that accredits your non-acceptance.
If the future resident unenrolls or voluntarily or for reasons other than those mentioned above decides not to attend university, the preregistration fee will not be returned.

Can any student register to live in Àgora BCN?

Yes, Àgora BCN is open to the entire university community. We accept students from any university and degree program, high school students, master's, post-graduate, doctoral students, and others.